Evolution of Different Class Menswear in Derry ~ Londonderry
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Orange cross in Different Class Menswear branding

Over 40 years of style

Different Class Menswear has been providing Derry-Londonderry with timeless fashion since 1973.

Different Class Menswear

After opening our doors on Foyle Street in 1973, Different Class Menswear has gone through decades of transformation – the only thing to remain constant is our dedication to stocking the latest high-quality, unique designs from across the continent. After shutting our doors numerous times during The Troubles, Different Class Menswear has since found our true identity, rebranding in 2015 to reflect our coveted status as a local market leader.

Image of store interior with suits hanging on racks and mannequins


Orange separator in Different Class Menswear brand colours
  • 1973

    Fresh from his experience with Burton's in Oban, Scotland, Mr. David McIntyre opens Different Class Menswear on Foyle Street.

  • 1974

    An incendiary device decimates the store. A full refit is required and the shop reopens on the day Ali defeats Foreman in Zaire

  • 1976

    Different Class Menswear moves to Carlisle Road after falling victim to another bomb attack during The Troubles.

  • 80's - 90's

    Different Class seeks to set itself apart from competitors as the multinationals come to town.

  • 2008

    New Management helps to develop the progression of the store but stays loyal to its traditional values.

  • 2014

    David retires as owner of Different Class Menswear after 40 years at the helm. Takeover of the store is complete, with a vision to build on the previous success by modernising in an ever-changing retail environment.

  • 2015

    Different Class Menswear rebrands to reflect its modern yet timeless persona.

  • 2016

    A new-look store opens on Carlisle Road with a fresh exterior and interior design and product offering.

  • 2017 and beyond

    The ``DC`` brand will continue to provide its customers with quality without compromise.